In Dreams you are Mine; an exhibition of mixed media materials including neon lights at Norwich Arts Centre until 9th July

Dream Yards the Walking Tour; performances at The Lord Mayors Celebrations Norwich 1st, 2nd 3rd July
949 Years a project in collaboration with Vespertine York on 27th July

Five Dead Acts Five Dead Cats

Flesh Grass Flesh Glass
an exhibition at Shandy Hall

Five Dead Cats Five Dead Acts at Defibrillator, Chicago

We are presenting 'Nothing Odd Will Last' at the Propositions Research Series, School of the Art institute Chicago, 13th November 2015

Our mixed media installation
We made Something of This, is currently being exhibited at the newly refurbished York Art Gallery

We perform Dream Yards, including the new developments created in Chicago, at Performing House York on 4th November 2015.

Crying in the Dark
From sunset to sunrise Gary and Claire presented a space to encounter the chart-topping, much-sung, universally-covered, Roy Orbison rock-bolero ballad ‘Crying’. Listen, perform, cry, repeat. 
Performed at Dark Sound Destructive Pop, Falmouth University.