LoSt In A sEa Of GlAsS aNd TiN

Gary and Claire will develop a new performance to premier in Chicago at Defibrillator created during a residency at the gallery. The process for making the performance will take as inspiration the eremitic rituals of the 14th Century English Hermit Richard Rolle, the elegant structure of the 1960’s pop hit Penny Arcade and the ducks eye view of a handful of movies by David Lynch. Drawing upon the themes of desire, solitude and disruption, Gary and Claire will act upon cross-fertilizations of art forms; the porosity between noireesque cinema and live performance and practice a distortion of gestures for the singing body exploring medieval ritual through the lens of Christopher Roman’s ‘queering the hermit’. Compositional strategies for making a new work will illuminate the distinctiveness that contemporary performance celebrates; the exciting potential of hybridity. The work will be performed to the set condition of 15 lighting states and will include the odd appearance of a fly that says, “I am just a fly. But let’s not make assumptions about my level of consciousness, just because I land on crap”.