"The film Kong Lear was conceived as a portrait of two fictional figures merged, those of King Kong and King Lear. We didn't want to make some half-narrative or remake of the film or play, instead a re-use of some of the texts and images from those figures. Some of those texts mutated from this basic impetus, with the introduction of Sigmund Freud into the mix - another heavyweight - to create the film portrait of Kong Lear. which is, of course, silent."

Kong Lear has spawned several performance writing projects for the city, the gallery, the museum and a boxed archive.

We hope this archive can be used in a number of ways. Two ways we’ve already thought of would be to tip its contents over the floor, obsess over the convenient finger hole in the back of the box for a while and then sleep on the pages for 13 hours. Or to clutch a handful of sheets in a trembling hand and read as if the ink from them was slipping through your fingers like sand, try not to get angry though.
There are many other ways..
Great as a library resource
Fits perfectly on the shelf
Slips between performance, documentation and artefact
Can be carried
Has a form, a face, a funny bone
Has an etiquette...

The Kong Lear Archive
Limited Edition of 100
A boxed set of 54 pages of mixed media; images and performance texts, including a DVD of the Super 8mm film Kong Lear.